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Songwriter dedicates music video to late father

For the Cumberland Times-News  Sep 22, 2017

CUMBERLAND — City resident Robert Bittinger has released a new music video, “The Fiddle,” which pays tribute to his late father, a musician who performed with some of the greats in the business.

The singer/songwriter worked with John Broadwater of Reaction Action Pictures LLC to produce the piece, which may be viewed on YouTube by searching for Robert Bittinger, The Fiddle, or Matt Hovermale of Matt Hov Creative served as director of photography.

The production is a labor of love and a true family affair. Bittinger sings and plays guitar in the video, and his fraternal twin brother, Timothy Bittinger, of Wiley Ford, West Virginia, fiddles and portrays their father, Ruben, who died from cancer when the boys were 12 years old.

Ruben was from the Lonaconing area, and their mother, Mary, resides in Barton. Robert’s fiancee, Holly Kerns, appears as Mary in the video, and his son, Tristan, fills the role of him as a youngster.

“I remember my father going to fiddling conventions, which back then was live on radio,” said Bittinger. “I remember sitting in the parking lot and watching him on stage and hearing him — it was amazing as a child.

“My older brothers would tell me stories about going with him to a radio station in Manassas, Virginia, and he would play live every Sunday morning. Mother would tell me stories about him playing with Roy Clark and also Jimmy Dean in the Washington, D.C., area,” he added.

The family moved back to the Cumberland area from Manassas, Virginia, following Ruben’s death.

“He raised a family of six and was a very hard worker,” said Bittinger, a contractor who owns and operates Bittinger Improvements. “ I still have his fiddle today and from these memories is what created the song.”

The video was filmed in Garrett County on land owned by Timothy Bittinger and his wife, Loretta.

“With no intentions, it was awful coincidental the video was finished on the day our father passed, which was Aug. 16, so to me it feels the song was just so meant to be,” said Bittinger.

The song is not currently available on a CD. A second video is in the works

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